Our certificates

Turquoise slippers, toys and until the year 2000, our company continues to this time from the sale of the product, we have the BSCI, Disney Fama certificate, we have a document.

What Is A Certificate Of Disney Fama?

Disney Fama Certificate, a document which must be taken Disney to produce a product name. In other words, a company can produce a product for a Disney or the Walt Disney Company-Disney Fama certificate must receive if he wants to manufacture and sell branded products. Or in other words, Disney fan go to authorized personnel, with my controls, these controls must successfully complete and receive a certificate from Fama. This document Document Fama, Fama Disney, Disney document or a document can be called. There are organizations that serve similar purposes Disney Fama files and other files. Examples include the organization of the association and Sedex, BSCI. Cydex; self-dedicated to improving working conditions in global supply chains is one of the organisations of the world's leading ethical trade service provider. Opening; the business social compliance initiative, or BSCI, the business social compliance initiative is an association based in Brussels, working for a similar goal.

What is a certificate of BSCI?

BSCIBrussels-based foreign trade association (FTA), initiated by the European Social Ethics for monitoring system resource usage. ILO (international labor organization) working based on BSCI standards, encourages the continuous improvement of the social performance of suppliers.

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