About us

In 2000 uğurlu Razgrad, Bulgaria are producing in Turkey and our company established since 2010 in the city of Turquoise flip-flops, sandals, house slippers, eva toy, tatami mat, pilates, sports, and camping mats is one of the leading companies in the group. All our products are ecologically has been tested. All materials used in our products are not harmful to health. Turquoise slippers and toys and fama BSCI certificates are available in our company.

Our mission

Turquoise Slippers and toys since 2000 our company has high quality, has a wide assortment of healthy and affordable. Completely responsive to our people and to the environment, we manufacture products that provide customer satisfaction.

Our vision

With our high quality products not only in Turkey but also in the international arena is the industry's most respected and preferred to be firm. Our goal is to ensure that the product that we produce and you are fully recognized is to provide quality service to our customers that use our products.

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